WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world, more than 60% of websites are powered with WordPress. Its extensibility makes it so flexible that we could either use it to build a small brochure website or a fully functional e-commerce website.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress has more than 2,6000 plugins and themes in its ecosystem for various of usage. The pre-built theme or plugin means that less effort, time and budget, you get all the benefits when building a website with WordPress:

Open source

WordPress is a open source software, this means it won’t cost you money. However, it’s free doesn’t mean that it won’t be maintained without any help. As a most popular content manage system, WordPress developers are always keep improving and extending their system.

Easy-to-use CMS

Using the content manage system, you can save you time and money to update your website content. The user doesn’t need any HTML or programming knowledge to update their website content by using its friendly backend UI.

Fast loading

As a powerful content management system, thanks to the WordPress cache technology to remain the good performance. In short, when the page loads, it will try to minimize the redundant database query to save the time and resources. It is definitely a optimized software.


The developers will keep updating the codes which may cause security holes, this means our website will always stay in low security risk.

Frequently Update

Frequent/Free update can guarantee your website will use the latest technology, it will make your website safer.

Flexibility and Extendibility

WordPress designed its system to be very easy to customized. If you can’t find the plugin which suits your requirement, we can help.

Seach Engine Optimization

Using WordPress will make your SEO better, existing plugin will allow the administrator customize every search key word per page, easily indexed by the search engine.

Need a professional website?

Our WordPress experiences

Our expertise and experience in WordPress makes us very special and valuable when it comes to WordPress Development. We build from simple sites to WordPress back-ended ecommerce website or web applications. Integration is another area that we master. We strictly follow WordPress coding standards and conventions, because we are looking at long term relationships with our clients.